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Who Are We?

eCommerceFuel Capital is a group of deeply experienced entrepreneurs who share their knowledge, capital and contacts to help promising companies grow.  

The team includes some of the most recognized names in the eCommerce space. Our Partners collectively have 100+ years of experience in areas like paid traffic, Amazon, site design, branding, manufacturing, M&A, finance and more.

Why Partner With Us?

If you're looking just for money we're probably not the best fit. There's never been a time in history when it's been easier to get funding, often at silly valuations from inexperienced investors.

But if you're interested in long-term funding from a team who also has the skills, eCommerce rolodex and battle-tested knowledge to help you grow through world-class mentorship then we should talk.

Our Team

Andrew Youderian 

Managing Partner

Andrew is Managing Partner of eCommerceFuel Capital and founder of the eCommerceFuel Private Community, a vetted network of 1,000+ store owners collectively generating over $3 billion in annual revenues.

Over the last decade he's started and sold multiple eCommerce businesses. His current passion and focus is building Community among entrepreneurs and helping direct expertise and capital to where it can be most productive. 

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 Investing Partners & Mentors

Michael Jackness 

Co-Founder, eComCrew

CEO, AutoAnything

Founder, Elements Brands

Founder, BumbleBee Linens

Founder, Smart Marketer

Co-Founder, Klaviyo

Founder, Stedi

Founder, Pro Click Ventures

Co-Founder, Tadpull

Co-Founder, Tadpull

Founder, 80sTees

Founder, Guardline Security

Our Investment Criteria:

We make two types of investments:  

  • Minority investments in eCommerce companies with under $20 million in sales
  • Control investments / purchases of companies with under $10 million in sales


Particularly interested in companies with:

  • Healthy margins (40%+ gross, 20%+ net margins) or a clear path to achieve them 
  • High LTV / repeat purchase rates
  • Not overly reliant on Amazon or any other non-controlled channel
  • A mature product line or design


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